Why ‘Vice Grip Garage’ Moved From Minnesota To Tennessee


Derek Bieri, the host of popular YouTube channel Vice Grip Garage, describes its car-related content as “budget builds, rescues, and how-tos for everyday people.” He must be doing something right, as he has amassed nearly 1.2 million loyal subscribers and almost 240 million views since joining the platform in 2007. Derek, his wife Jessica Bieri, and their sons have always lived and worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They recently made a major move to Tennessee and uploaded a video explaining why.

Major savings

Derek described the cost of living in Minnesota compared to Tennessee as “night and day.” Between multiple mortgages and rent payments, utilities, taxes and insurance, moving to Tennessee saves the Bieris “significant amounts of money.” Tennessee also does not charge income tax, which surely contributed greatly to these huge savings.

Derek went on to explain how when he started on YouTube, he was investing a lot of money in his channel and producing content, with little return. This perspective allowed her to see what a financial difference the move has made to her family and her business.

Ideally located

Derek’s wife, Jessica, explained how Derek had to drive over an hour between stores one way, which totaled around 30 days a year spent traveling. Derek added: “Honestly, I was working 7 days a week…it got to the point where I didn’t really see my family anymore, and that’s very, very, very important to me, so we wanted to make a change. .” Moving to a more central location has allowed Derek to be there for more family activities, including Friday night movies and pizza nights with his wife and sons.

When the Bieris lived near the Canadian border, they lamented that while there was an occasional local car show, there weren’t many big events held nearby. Many of the events Derek goes to take place in Florida, which from Minneapolis was a three-day drive for him. That means Derek would have to block out a full week just to attend a one-day event.

The move cut driving time to Florida to one day, helping Derek “save on motels, food, and fuel.” Certainly, Derek’s many fans are happy that his move has allowed him to be more actively involved in major auto shows and events.

Raising the children

Jessica shared that another reason the couple chose to move had to do with the lifestyle they wanted for their growing sons. “We were both raised in the country or on the farm, and we always wanted our kids to be able to experience all the things we’ve been through, just run outside and play with no worries, be able to hop on your 4-wheeler, your dirt bike or whatever you might have, and just go exploring.

Derek shared that while there are many beautiful and spacious places to raise a family in Minnesota, the mere act of riding his snowmobile on his property prompted passers-by to call the police. In Tennesee, this would be considered more normal, and it is important for the Bieris to have a great deal of freedom in the use of their property.

blue skies

Finally, Derek and Jessica shared what they described as the biggest deciding factor in the move: the weather. Due to the nature of his videos, Derek can be limited by freezing temperatures. He said, “I walk around on the floor almost non-stop outside… three to four months out of the year, I can’t produce content for you guys.”

Moving to Tennessee provides more stable and warmer temperatures, allowing Derek to produce the content his viewers want year-round. And it’s clear from the video’s closing statement that Derek’s viewers are his top priority. “Our goal is: to always put a smile on your faces, to entertain you, where you can sit down with your family or kids and just enjoy some things and hopefully get you motivated and get you out to the store and the garage. So we decided, you know, we had to find a better time where we could do what we do best and have fun doing it.

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