What’s Minnesota’s most hated Thanksgiving dish?


“They” did a study recently and as you know, “They” do a lot of studies, don’t they? This time, they set out to discover the most hated Thanksgiving foods in each state.

According to sheknows.com, believe it or not, Maine, Idaho and Oregon’s most hated Thanksgiving dish was TURKEY! Really, the turkey? What kind of pagans live in these states?

Cranberry sauce came in as the most hated overall, with 17 states ranking it number one. Stuffing is third with 9 states, sweet potatoes were fourth with 6 states and pumpkin pie tied with delicious turkey in 3 states.

Can’t believe this awesome Jello stuff didn’t make the list. You know this dish that pops up at a lot of holiday dinners. It consists of a variety of other food chucks hanging in Jello. I would give it 2 inches down and if I was 3 inches I would give it 3 inches down.

So what’s Minnesota’s most hated Thanksgiving dish? Well that would be a casserole of green beans and I couldn’t agree more. Green beans are great on their own. no need to “make a casserole” all. We weren’t alone about it in Minnesota, the green bean casserole has become the most hated in 12 states.

Check out the map below for the most hated Thanksgiving foods in the 50 states.

But, the big Thanksgiving thought isn’t just the food, but the gathering of friends and family. So eat, loosen your belt, and let the tryptophan kick in.

What are the signature drinks of each state?

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