Want a bit of nostalgia? Drive through these Montana gems.


Summer is here and that means summer blockbusters and people going to see movies. There’s just something special about going to the movies and grabbing your favorite snacks, finding the perfect seat, and settling in for a great adventure for a few hours.

My first memory of going to the movies was with my dad. It was a long, long time ago, in a very, very distant state…

Yes, he took me to see Star Wars, but it wasn’t just Star Wars, it was Star Wars at the Drive-In Theater. First off, Star Wars in any theater is great, but imagine Darth Vadar or Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon on a giant screen. It was legendary.

It’s been decades since I’ve been to a drive-in. In fact, they are getting harder and harder to find. What was once a normal part of social life has become something special and nostalgic. At one time Drive-In Theaters were found in abundance all over the United States, today there are only about 300 left.

Abandoned drive on screen with sky and grass

So how many are left here in Montana?

It looks like there are only two of us left here in Big Sky State. According to drivinmovie.com we have the Silver Bow in Butte and the Pharaohplex in Corvalis. Both are operational and have all the great summer movies. So if you’re looking for a fun date or just want to do something a little unique, a drive-in might just be, and pardon the pun, the ticket you’re looking for.

A vacant player in a movie theater and its vintage speaker.

Moreover, they are relatively cheap compared to other movie theaters.

To see a movie at Silver Bow, it will cost you $6 per person, and children 3 and under are free. If you go to the Paraohplex, adult tickets are $8, children 3-10 will cost you $7, and children 2 and under are free.

Both theaters have limited hours and are only open a few months a year. For more information, check out driveinmovie.com.

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