WalletHub ranks Minnesota as the 2nd best road trip state


The personal finance website has ranked all 50 states in three dimensions and 32 different metrics, to figure out where your summer adventure destination should be.

DULUTH, Minn. — Editor’s Note: The above video was first released on March 1, 2022.

Although these are tough times, with record fuel prices, rocky roads and ongoing COVID issues, nothing is enough to stop Americans from engaging in an age-old summer tradition: the road trip.

Personal finance website WalletHub cites a summer travel survey by The vacationer, claiming that 80% of American adults plan to take some sort of road trip. The question is, where?

The concerns listed above (particularly fuel costs) will likely cause travelers to plan their destinations a little more carefully than in the past.

So where the hell should you go? To determine the best states to take a road trip, WalletHub compared the 50 states along three key dimensions: cost, safety, and activities. Within these dimensions, the researchers looked at smaller metrics, like the cost of a hotel room, traffic congestion, road quality, and the number of attractions like national parks, zoos. , botanical gardens and historic sites. The typical summer weather was also taken into account.

Here’s how the Gopher State stacked up:

Minnesota Road Trip (1=Best; 25=Average):

  • 26 – Number of rides
  • 8th – Lowest price of three star hotel room
  • 12th – Avg. Gas prices
  • 15th – Nightlife options per capita
  • 24th – Vehicle miles traveled per capita
  • 30th – Car theft per capita
  • 13th – Access to scenic routes
  • 8th – Lowest price of the campsite
  • 9th – Assessment of driving laws
  • 2nd – Fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled

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New York won the number one ranking, with Texas, Louisiana and Maine rounding out the top five. At the bottom of WalletHub’s list are Arkansas, Montana, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Iowa, Minnesota’s neighbor to the south, ranked 15th with Wisconsin at 18, North Dakota at 24 and South Dakota 29th.

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WalletHub has a stable of experts who have contributed to this research. For their road trip tips and answers to frequently asked questions, check the WalletHub website.

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