B Corp recertification, promotion of universal childcare and dairy product diversification highlighted as key priorities

WEBSTERVILLE, Vermont., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vermont Creamery, Certified B Corp makers of consciously crafted artisan cheeses and butters, has announced the release of its 2021 Mission Report featuring a comprehensive overview of the year in numbers, the work accomplished and the progress made towards the goals set the previous year. . The report details Vermont Creamery’s B Corp recertification, its commitment to being an inclusive employer of choice, its continued advocacy for systemic change with universal childcare, as well as its local partnerships that support dairy diversification in New England.

“This year, our company, like many others, rode the continuing waves of disruption and uncertainty as an essential food producer,” said Adeline Druart, president of Vermont Creamery. “Through it all, we have stayed true to our roots as a mission-driven company, putting our people first and focusing on depth of impact. I am grateful to everyone in our community who contributed to the substance of this report, and whose partnership and collaboration towards a greater good for all made this work possible.”

Vermont Creamery was recertified as a B Corp for the 4th time in 2021, once again meeting the certification’s increasingly rigorous standards and confirming its commitment to business as a force for good. Certified B Corp since 2014, the B Impact Assessment audits and rates companies on governance, workers, community, environment and customers. Vermont Creamery’s overall Impact B score this year is 83.3.

In support of its goal of affordable, high-quality child care for all, Vermont Creamery has expanded its efforts with Let’s grow the children, which, in part, led to the passage of groundbreaking universal child care legislation. Since accessible and affordable care is essential for parents, especially women, to stay in the workforce, the work done in Vermont is intended to serve as a national model for implementing this essential service nationwide. For its part, Vermont Creamery allows its employees to take care of their families by paying a competitive salary, offering benefits and access to Mamava pod which provides breastfeeding mothers with a safe and private space in its production facilities.

Vermont Creamery’s producer-suppliers are the anchor of from Vermont working landscape and the cornerstone of a healthy food system. Goat breeding brings additional diversification to the Vermont farming system and provides an alternative choice for dairy farmers, and Vermont Creamery is positioned to be an important partner in the process of growing the practice of goat farming in Vermont. In 2021, the company received its first shipment of goat milk from Joneslan Farm, a fifth generation cow dairy farm in Vermont who switched to goat farming. The brand continues to work with the local community to build a sustainable future for Vermont dairy producers.

Based on the belief that better business makes the world a better place, Vermont Creamery’s team of 125 employees, also known as “Bettermakers”, work to make a meaningful impact across the four pillars of the brand’s sustainable business strategy. , while pursuing responsible growth. In 2021, the company achieved 11.8% year-over-year growth, successfully launching new innovations, expanding distribution and maintaining its position as the #1 goat cheese brand in the country.

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About Vermont Creamery
Founded in 1984 and certified B Corp since 2014, Vermont Creamery is a pioneer in artisan cheese, winning countless national and international awards for its line of cheeses and cultured dairy products, while supporting a network of family farms and promoting sustainable agriculture in the region. Filed in June 2021 in the top 10% of the most useful brands, according to the 2021 Goal Power IndexVermont Creamery is an independent subsidiary of Minnesota-based Dairy Cooperative Land ‘O Lakes, Inc. For more information visit

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