The GM candidate has been Jon Robinson’s most trusted assistant


General Manager Jon Robinson has the final say on all Tennessee Titans personnel decisions. It’s clear.

In his six seasons on the job, however, there’s no doubt he listened to his staff members before making numerous moves. Apparently, no one has had a better ear in recent years than director of player personnel Monti Ossenfort.

“Monti is the guy Jon Robinson has been listening to the most for a year and a half,” an unnamed league source said. say it New York Post.

Ossenfort, 43, has remained behind the scenes since the titans hired him in May 2020, but he could soon be in the spotlight. He will speak with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday as that team searches for a new general manager. He was too one on two On Friday, members of the Tennessee front desk met with New York Giants officials for the same purpose.

Robinson and Ossenfort worked together for nearly a decade serving on the staff of the New England Patriots. In fact, when Robinson left to become Tampa Bay’s director of player personnel in 2014, Ossenfort replaced him as that team’s director of scouting.

It is therefore logical that they have a common vision of the players. Ossenfort certainly had a lot to do with this season’s free agent additions and mid-season roster changes, which helped make the Titans (12-5) the Seed #1 in the AFC playoffs.

“Monti is a good news gatherer who gets a lot of respect when he enters college because they know he’s trustworthy,” the source told the Post. “He is a very good people manager and talent evaluator. He will sit and listen, but he will have the [guts] make the decision himself and not do it in a disrespectful way to the people who gave him the information.

The Vikings and Giants also fired their head coaches after the season. Thus, if one chooses Ossenfort as GM, his first big decision will be to hire a coach.

“He’s going to have a good relationship with a head coach, whether he knows him or not and whatever his personality type is,” the source said. “A general manager who blames a head coach when players are underperforming – or when one talks the other down – always fails.”


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