Tesla tells customers it won’t honor retroactive fully self-driving rates


Tesla is communicating to customers who ordered now-discontinued vehicle variants that it will not honor retroactive Full Self-Driving Suite pricing at the time of their vehicle reservation.

In February, Teslarati reported that Tesla would not produce the Model Y Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive variant. CEO Elon Musk later said the reason was that Tesla already had “too much product complexity”. However, Tesla originally planned to honor the price of the FSD suite when customers reserved their vehicles. For example, if the FSD suite was priced at $7,000 at the time of reservation, Tesla would only charge the customer $7,000, despite its current price of $10,000. This was confirmed by Tesla employees in February.

Tesla officially eliminated the Model Y Long Range RWD earlier this month, finally communicating to reservation holders that it has no plans to produce the vehicle. Tesla advised holders of Model Y LR RWD reservations to revise their orders by choosing a vehicle it currently produces and pay the additional price, as Tesla’s vehicle prices have since risen.

“We are contacting you regarding your Model Y order [VIN] placed on March 15, 2019. We would like to help you update your configuration, as we are not building the configuration you originally selected. We are excited to help you through the process and deliver your reconfigured Model Y to you as soon as possible,” Tesla wrote in an email Dec. 8 to a Model Y reservation holder, who agreed to pay the additional vehicle cost but requested retroactive FSD pricing as a small discount for having to choose a new vehicle more than two and a half years after placing the order.

Tesla Officially Ends Forgotten Model Y Variant

“I tried to update the design, but the price jumped $20,000! And fully self-driving is now $10,000, when I first booked it, it was less than the half of that price. Can TESLA honor my original price for the FSD since I’m an early adopter?” asked the reservation holder.

However, the reservation holder, who asked to remain anonymous, was told by Tesla staff that the company would not honor any old prices.

“Thank you for your rating. We will not honor any previous price. Once you update your configuration, it will be updated with the current price,” a Tesla employee told the reservation holder in a statement. sent by email.

Tesla did not immediately respond for comment.

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Tesla tells customers it won’t honor retroactive fully self-driving rates


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