Tennessee Vols football schedule slammed after UT quits military


I become more impressed with my literary contributors every week.

The Friday e-mail section innovates. One reader actually spelled the name of fellow columnist Blake Toppmeyer correctly.

Of course, other readers are probably wondering, “What happened to ‘the?’ “

Writes them: I’m normally in tune with your thoughts as reflected in your columns, but unless I’m missing some subtle sarcasm, I think you’re not on the basis of the Army Game Cancelation La next season. Canceling this game, in my opinion, is disrespectful both to the Army football team as well as to the veterans who have served this country, many of them in my own family.

There are some things more important than a win / lose record regardless of bowl or financial implications, and this is definitely one of them. Tennessee was fortunate enough to feature a service academy at one of the sport’s major venues, and they breathed.

Embarrassing and anti-American. Blake Toppmeyer is right; unfortunately in this case you don’t.

My answer: I was sarcastic and didn’t think it was so subtle. As I pointed out, I am a veteran. As I also pointed out, I recommended that Tennessee would be better served by buying future games against BYU and UTSA.

You are right. UT embarrassed itself by canceling a match with a team from the service academy. I was just taking a different approach than Blake’s in pointing this out.

BLAKE TOPPMEYER: Tennessee football canceling game against Army dishonorable, shows Vols fall

JEAN ADAMS: Should Tennessee Vols have been afraid of playing Army? Absoutely

TENNESSE FOOTBALL CALENDAR: Tennessee football 2022 schedule released, including army stint in Akron

Congratulations also on the correct spelling of her last name.

Joe writes: Large column. I loved the MAC search. If only you could have worked in a line on The Incredible Hulco!

My answer: If Tennessee makes a bowl in the next two seasons, they should send bowl rings to players at Bowling Green, Akron and Ball State.

Mike writes: If the only way for Tennessee to win a bowl offer next season is to load its non-conference schedule with inferior teams, then I’d do just as well if the Flights didn’t go to a bowl game. Going to a bowl should be won by performance on the field, not by planning shenanigans designed to make an inferior team look like a winner.

My answer: Tennessee’s victory over MAC lightweight Bowling Green has started to look bowl-worthy since the Falcons upset Minnesota. The Gophers lost to Ohio State by just 14 points and beat Colorado 30-0.

Robert writes: The bad news: It looks like it might take longer than expected to get Jeremy Pruitt out of our system. The good news: we are not in the state of Florida.

My answer: Both programs have come a long way since playing for a national championship.

Phil writes: EVERY MONDAY! The Flights WOULDA, SHOULDA, COULDA fade in the second half!

My answer: Not every Monday. I don’t remember anyone complaining about a second-half swoon in a 56-0 win over Tennessee Tech.

In case you were wondering, the Golden Eagles are now 0-4.

Karl writes: I remember it not that long ago that everyone, including you, was hoping that when we played Florida we weren’t embarrassed.

I don’t think for a moment that anyone really had any visions of a victory on Saturday. However, I see a lot of improvements every week and we play for all intents and purposes with the Tennessee second and third strings. Our first team left months ago.

My answer: The Vols played well in the first half against the Gators. Nonetheless, in their last 10 combined games against Florida, Georgia and Alabama, the Vols have been outscored by an average of 26 points.

In fairness to Tennessee, which SEC teams have performed well against Alabama, Georgia and Florida in the past three seasons?

Kentucky are 1-6 against these teams (2018-20). He beat Florida once but lost 63 points to Alabama.

Missouri are 0-8 against Alabama, Georgia and Florida in the same span. Its closest match was a 43-29 loss to Georgia.

Sam writes: Let’s face it, from Fulmer to Pruit, they left the Vols with nothing. Every now and then we think we see hope for the Flights, but our dreams are shattered when we look at the dashboard and see that we’ve taken another kick.

One of the many issues that Vols face, they need a five star QB if they expect to play big boys football instead of poor transfers. If Milton and Hooker were good, they wouldn’t have left their original team. The only really great Qb Tenn has had in my life was Peyton. Condredge H was great too.

Tenn. needs ark manning

My answer: The best quarterbacks want to play on teams loaded with complementary talents. This way they can play with the best players. And with every practice, they can throw to the best receivers and against the best defensive backs.

This best prepares you for the NFL.

Lily writes: I wanted to share with you the media alert below announcing the brand new partnership between DICK’S House of Sport Knoxville and the University of Tennessee Athletics. With this partnership, organizations will bring unique fan experiences, youth outreach opportunities, exclusive Flight product promotions and more to the Knoxville community.

My answer: DICK’S House of Sport appears to be well represented in Ohio and Michigan. Maybe it can help UT with future MAC planning.

John Adams is a senior columnist. He can be reached at 865-342-6284 or [email protected] Follow him on: twitter.com/johnadamskns.


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