Are you a student and over 20 years old? Then you have the opportunity to take a cheap quick loan to students and afford what you are just missing. See of critique.

There are many things you may need to spend money on while studying. You typically do not have a very large financial leeway, and this can end up restricting you from doing what you want.

When the year is over, it is quite common to need to unplug and travel south. It is these experiences that help to create a healthy balance in life.

You may also want to attend this year’s big festival over the summer that all your friends are going to. And then there are times when you just need a new bike or PC.

There can be many good reasons to take a cheap and fast student loan. However, if you are not already in control of your finances, we do not recommend you do so. We are here only to help you, and therefore we also want to advise you in the best way.

What cheap loans are there for students?


If you need a cheap student loan, you have several loan options.

The first option is that you can borrow money from family or friends. It may well be a loan for a student, but it doesn’t make it any less awkward. Having to ask friends and family for a loan can be incredibly cross-border, as you often need to be on target for what the money is going for. If your financial situation changes, you may also need to extend the repayment period. That conversation can also be a little difficult to have.

You can also go through online channels. If you do a simple google search for “student loans”, you will be overwhelmed by the many loan terms and providers. Whether they are quick loans, fast loans or SMS loans, all are common terms for consumer loans.

Consumer loans


Consumer loans are loans that are not earmarked for anything specific. It goes to the name that the loan goes to consumption. This means that you can use your student loan for exactly what you want. If your computer goes down in the middle of an exam period, your bike gets stolen or something else urgent, you can easily take out a student loan online. At Good Finance we also do not ask what the money should go to.

You may be lucky to find different loans for students who have really good terms because your availability amount is lower. The many online credit institutions also compete to secure you as a customer, as you will probably get a slightly higher available amount and a greater need going forward.

At Good Finance we also offer loans to students, where you get an incredible amount of freedom and security. You can even borrow from 5,000 to 25,000 USD – then enough is shown for the new bike or laptop.

Student loans – easy, fast and easy to understand


At Good Finance we offer an alternative, cheap quick loan for students – namely annuity loans from 5000 to 25,000 USD. The type of loan makes you pay the same amount each month. You decide for yourself how much.

You will receive a reply to your application a few seconds after you have sent it. So fast is our alternative student loan.

Once you receive the answer, you can already have the money in your account right away. It only requires that you be approved on your application.

With Good Finance’s student loan alternative, you get:

  • Quick payout
  • A loan without collateral
  • Air in the economy
  • Opportunity to postpone your repayments and just pay interest

In our loan calculator you are asked to decide how much you want to pay off per month – already at the time of creation. In this way, we give you a good overview of the loan.

If you need to put your installments on standby for a few months, you also have the option.
We are always based on your personal finances.

Student Loans – How Do I Get Approved for a Loan?

Student Loans - How Do I Get Approved for a Loan?

At Good Finance we are happy to help you when you need it most. But to be eligible for a quick loan as a student, there are some requirements that you must meet.

You must:

  • Be registered in the Danish Population Register
  • Have a Danish phone number
  • Do not take advantage of address protection
  • Be 20 years of age
  • Have a Danish bank account
  • Have a NemID for the application process

In addition, you must not be registered in the GFI or the Debtor Register. If we give you a loan reserved for students, it is our assurance that we will get the money back. You can then also ask yourself if you even need to take another cheap loan for students if you are registered in GFI or the Debtor Register.

Student Loans – Apply today


If you think that a student loan is the right way to go, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to meet your difficult financial situation should anything go wrong. At Good Finance we are as flexible as possible, where your wishes and needs are paramount. A student loan can give you the financial freedom you need in a wealth of exams, long reading nights and strict deadlines.

Want to read more about our student loans? Visit Good Finance’s website and get started with our loan.