St. Patrick’s Hospital Ranked Best in Montana for 4th Straight Year


For the fourth consecutive year, Providence St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula has been named the best in Montana by US News and World Report.

KGVO News spoke to Providence Montana general manager Joyce Dombrouski for more details.

“It’s a great honor to have achieved this number one ranking in the State of Montana for the fourth year in a row,” Dombrouski began. “As you said, ‘honoured’ but ‘deserved’ is the word I use. We don’t go out and apply for this award. It’s done through US News and World Report, as they look at the data many clinical situations as well as what patients think of what we do.

Dombrouski said the hospital and staff are both proud and humbled by the ranking awarded for the fourth consecutive year.

“They nominated us for the fourth time and we are proud of that and very honored,” she said. “At the same time, we are very humbled because it reflects the exceptional work that is done here every day. No matter where you live, we will celebrate this and we just wanted the community to know and celebrate with us.

Dombrouski said U.S. News and World Report gave St. Patrick’s Hospital a high ranking in no less than 15 areas of medical services.

“We received 15 high performance ratings,” she said. “In pulmonary, in urology, in surgical repairs which include the spine, the heart of course, and congestive heart failure in the treatment of heart attacks. Also in orthopedic surgery, including hip replacement and fractures, I said urology, and that includes the management of patients with kidney failure. I said pulmonary and specifically pneumonia has been called also stroke and also our TAVR program, which is aortic valve replacement through catheter, and then in chronic diseases like COPD.

Dombrouski acknowledged the COVID pandemic over the past two years and expressed his pride in his staff for the level of care provided under the most difficult of circumstances.

“Even in the midst of more than two years, whether you want to call it a pandemic, whether you want to call it surges or whatever you want to call it, our staff despite the challenge, although frankly I think long fatigued by a situation that is not unusual in healthcare, they have continued to provide the absolute best care,” she said. “So it’s really about continuing to do the work that we do every day.”

In addition to being the best hospital in Montana, St. Patrick’s was also named the best hospital in Montana’s Glacier Region.

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