Sheriff’s photo shows devastating fire in Denton, MT


A devastating fire swept through Denton, Montana. The photo above is from the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office in Lewistown, which announced evacuations on Wednesday.

PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE DENTON ZONE !!! The highways are closed and evacuations have already taken place. Thank you for your collaboration! If you need assistance, please visit the Lewistown Civic Center.

***Update- If you would like to donate to families in need, Heidi Weber with KXLO and KQPZ Radio in Lewistown tells us that this is a website you can go to for more information: fire.

The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office shared this via Facebook on Wednesday night:

Some photos of the Denton fire. Unfortunately, we lost many houses in the south of the city, but luckily no one was hurt! Please be careful there and we want to thank all the agencies that have come to help you all that we have lost a lot more. So thank you all!

Bradley Warren of Wake Up Montana spoke to the Denton Dispatch around 5 a.m. Thursday and adds this:

-the fire is still burning -the teams are currently busy putting it out -the same detours are in place -the Red Cross is installed at the Civic Center -meeting scheduled for later this morning

Eric Johnson of KRTV in Great Falls also gave a weather update Thursday morning:

Still on HIGH alert for wildfires and has spread through central Montana today. The winds will be nowhere near as strong as yesterday, which should help some in the containment efforts.

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