Remember when: Apple of Vermont’s eye | Weekend magazine


In September 1922, Bess M. Rowe wrote an article for The Farmer’s Wife after visiting the Dimock Orchard farm in East Corinth. In ‘Bringing Back the Old Trees’ Miss Rowe wrote of the lovely conversations she had with the self-proclaimed ‘farmwomen’ who, since taking charge while ‘the men’ were away at war, have continued to be instrumental in the success of the farm. . After Mr. and Mrs. Julian Dimock – magazine writer and former teacher, respectively, and novices in agriculture – moved to Vermont and started the farm 10 years earlier, they proved to be excellent arborists.

Their success could be attributed to their natural talent or, as Miss Rowe noted, their receptivity to ‘modern ideas and methods’ and having ‘nothing to unlearn’. But the couple’s move into apple growing also came at an opportune time in Vermont’s nascent apple industry.


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