Remains of James Everett, missing in Cohocton, identified in Minnesota


James Everett

A man who was reported missing in 2013, James Everett, 48, of Cohocton, has had his remains identified through DNA analysis.

Partially skeletonized remains were recovered from a railroad switching shed on September 29, 2014. Police believe Everett lived in the shed, which was located near the intersection of 146th Street and Burnley Avenue West in Rosemount, MN. However, there was no wallet or identification with the body.

Everett disappeared in September 2013. According to his wife Patricia, he had left for work, but never returned. He left his keys in the mailbox. A few weeks later, a Montana state trooper found him at a rest stop and told the trooper he was having trouble at work and was “just driving.”

. For years, the identification of the remains and the connection to New York State were unknown, but authorities continued to search, and earlier this year Minnesota’s Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office contacted Patricia Everett. for a DNA sample after connecting the man’s general description and other criteria to Everett’s missing person case. The results came back that the remains were Everett’s.

In a statement shared by Minnesota police at a press conference, Patricia described her late husband as a computer enthusiast, singer, guitar lover and Denver Broncos and Buffalo Sabres fan. He was also “an accomplished cook and baker with significant experience in both quick ordering and fine dining throughout the city of Rochester, New York.”

“We, especially me, have never given up on the search,” read Patricia’s statement. “While this was not the expected or desired outcome in our search for him, we are all grateful and blessed to at least have this opportunity for closure, which many are not fortunate enough to have.”

The cause of death has not been revealed, but journals found with him and other receipts prove that Everett died a few months after leaving Cohocton, in the fall of 2013.


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