Planning a family vacation to Montana this summer? Be ready.


Montana is certainly a very popular destination when it comes to family vacations.

Everyone is jumping in the “family trucker” to set off through this great United States of America. Along the way, you stop at all the weird roadside attractions, snap a few photos to post on social media, maybe buy a t-shirt, and head to the next site.

In Montana, summer tourism is big business, especially here in Bozeman. Last year was a record year for Yellowstone National Park, and a lot of people think we’re going to break last year’s record this year. Of course, Yellowstone isn’t the only thing to see here in Montana. We have plenty for tourists to see and do.

If you love the beauty and freedom of the outdoors, you’ll love Montana.

That said, don’t let the whole ‘freedom’ and ‘outdoors’ thing fool you, it will still cost you a pretty penny to come and vacation here. My brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew are talking about coming to spend a few days with us this summer. Luckily for them, we have a spare bedroom for my brother and his wife, and a comfortable sofa for my nephew.

Photo by Dylan Taylor on Unsplash
Photo by Dylan Taylor on Unsplash

For those of you who don’t have “family” to stay with, how much can you expect to pay for accommodation? Well, that’s sort of an open-ended answer and it’s really up to you and how comfortable or fancy you are.

I went to and put the following dates for hotels here in Bozeman; From Sunday June 24 to Saturday July 1. It’s a full week. So how much will it cost? You might want to sit down. I thought we would be looking for a room for a family of four, two adults and two children.

Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash
Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash

So how much are we talking about here?

Somewhere between 1800 and 5500 for a week’s stay, depending on the hotel. Then there’s the food, and according to the average per adult is $60 a day and for kids it’s about $45 for ages 10 and under. Ok, so even if we do this on a budget and stay at a cheaper motel, add an average of $210 a day for food and we’re down to $3270.

Add gas to and from (it’s definitely not cheap) plus tickets for different things and you can easily rack up an extra $1000. What about activities? Fly fishing or rafting? Do you buy the equipment or do you rent it? Either way, all of this comes with additional costs.

Photo by E Merk on Unsplash
Photo by E Merk on Unsplash

So for about $5000 you can come to Bozeman and Montana for a week this summer.

If you are thinking of coming here and vacationing this summer, let me give you some tips.

  • Get a hotel/motel that offers breakfast. It’s just an easy way to save time and money.
  • Opt for a hotel/motel with a swimming pool. Children love to swim, and when they swim they get tired and fall asleep. It’s a good thing for a family vacation.
  • Although the animals are beautiful, they are also wild. Don’t end up being a youtube video we share with all our friends after a Bison head butts you.
  • Be polite to locals. We get that you spent a lot of money to come here, however, Montana folks aren’t really big fans of rudeness.
  • Enjoy your stay here and understand that this is a wonderful place to vacation, for a week, two max.
  • Buy a bunch of “Made in Montana” products for your loved ones and friends, everyone appreciates when you bring them something.
Photo by Zach Key on Unsplash
Photo by Zach Key on Unsplash

Seriously, we hope you enjoy your time here, but just be prepared for large crowds, heavy traffic, and long waits at restaurants. Montana is a pretty special place and a lot of people want to come here, be sure to do your part to ensure everyone enjoys their time in the state.


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