One Night Only You Can See This Montana Native Wow You


Who doesn’t love a little magic? I remember when I was little and it all started with the “oh I got your nose” routine and then it went to the skit of finding a quarter behind your ear. We’ve had magic all our lives. As we age, our expectations also grow. Luckily, we have extremely talented magicians to keep our minds bewildered.

Montana proudly hosts one of the greatest illusionists of all time. Back in his hometown, Jay Owenhouse has received many requests to perform here again and he’s ready to show off his incredible talents.

From China to Japan, from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Owenhouse wins the hearts and minds of audiences wherever he goes.

If you want to see dangerous escapes, mind-blowing magic, and one of the most talented illusionists of our time, Jay Owenhouse is exactly what you’re looking for. He has a year-long residency in Las Vegas, which tells you people will come from all over to see him perform.

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat, in complete shock and indescribable wonder, as Ownehouse performs some of the most difficult illusions of all time. I constantly think, “How the hell did he do that?!?” and you will be too.

Tickets are on sale now. You want to catch them early and make it an evening full of fun and illusions. Get your tickets here.

Where: MSU Brick Breeden Fieldhouse

When: Saturday, September 24


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