Notes and Observations from Tennessee Fall Camp Third Practice



Tennessee returned to the training ground for the third day of fall camp. Here is a collection of notes from today’s practice.

Tennessee hit the training ground for the third day of fall camp. The media was limited to three periods today, but we still got to see a fair amount of it.


All four quarters missed on-air routes. Bailey looked the best pitch in the corner and the back pylon. Milton is sure to tear it apart. Struggled a bit with the touch during the bit we saw. He tore one in the hands of Jalin Hyatt and he should have taken one out. He definitely carries the ball low, but he gets it and has a quick release. The rotation was reversed throughout the day.

Line O

I haven’t had the opportunity to see a lot of this group. Glen Elarbee was working with his band at the pad level. The rotation remained the same from what I saw. From right to left Cade Mays, Spraggins, Copper Mays, Jerome Carvin and Dayne Davis.

Tight ends

Alex Golesh was fiery today. He wasn’t happy with Julian Nixon at first as Nixon couldn’t settle into his gloves and wasn’t focused on reps. Nixon later redeemed himself. Miles Campbell continues to impress. Golesh is as detail-oriented as any coach I can remember.

Wide receivers

The Kodi Burns group has worked at different levels today by working a flat wedge during on-air rides. Burns got all the guys down on their road around the corner. Velus Jones trained sideways at first, but looked good. Kaemen Marley also worked on the side.

Defensive line

Rodney Garner was as intense as ever. He had several guys rehearse at the reps and explained why. He continues to have outside linebackers and Mike Ekeler working with him during group times. Ekeler’s outside linebackers had a good group period. Was really impressed with Tyler Baron, Byron Young and Roman Harrison.

Internal linebackers

Nothing new to report with the group. Page and Garland continue to work with them, but you can tell Mitchell and Banks are leading the way.

Defensive backs

This group was operating on a rotating circuit from what I saw, so there was not much to report. Kamal Hadden worked on the side. Physically, he looks complete. It is long and full. We will see if he returns to other teams as the week goes on.



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