Montana senator weighs in on Biden’s radical BLM candidate



Another day another story with damaging information about the choice of Joe Biden to lead the Bureau of Land Management – Tracy Stone Manning.

As we previously reported, Tracy Stone-Manning is the radical environmentalist who worked as a senior executive for Democratic Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). Tester is now spending precious political capital to secure a very senior job for one of his former assistants.

The appointment had to go ahead. That is, until new information came to light regarding his role in an eco-terrorism case in the 1990s. The former federal investigator on the case also came out publicly to hammer home Tracy Stone-Manning for obstructing the federal investigation.

The latest news is about reports of how EarthFirst openly bragged that the FBI was unable to pin them down. As The Daily Caller reports:

President Joe Biden’s candidate for Bureau of Land Management was the editor of an issue of the radical Earth First newspaper that contained an unsigned story gloating that federal investigators were spoiling their investigation into an eco-terrorism incident in which the candidate was directly involved. .

We spoke with Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT). He weighed in on this latest news and said she has lost the public’s trust. Two people named by Obama BLM also spoke out against his nomination.

Daines: So it’s not just Republicans talking about it. These are the Democrats. And you are absolutely right. They bring all Democrats together and it only takes one Democratic senator to stop this nomination because we are in a 50-50 Senate. But unfortunately I think you will see them move forward with this appointment and she will probably be appointed director of the Bureau of Land Management.

We also spoke with Senator Daines about his bill to audit the CDC. Click below for the full audio.

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