Montana congressman reacts to Supreme Court ruling


Montana’s only congressman, at least until January 2023, Matt Rosendale called the KGVO Newsmakers line to talk about the issues in Montana and Washington, D.C.

Rosendale commented on the consequences of the United States Supreme Court’s decision last Friday to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision and what the possible consequences will be in the states.

“What you’re going to see now are states that severely restrict abortion and states that have attempted to ban abortion in their respective states,” Congressman Rosendale said. “This legislation will go through the process and either be signed or rejected by their respective governors, but you’re also going to see states that will go to the other end of the spectrum, and they will allow abortion until such time and quite frankly , the moments after a birth.

Rosendale vehemently disagreed with protesters who claimed the decision meant “the end of democracy”.

“It’s a mistake,” he said. “In fact, this decision strengthens our Constitutional Republic and federalism. He says the court was setting itself on the path to ending democracy by ruling on something that was not contested law. It was just a procedure, that’s what they said, no, the court does not legislate. You have the legislature, you have the executive, and you have the judiciary, and each of those branches has to stay in its own lane.

Rosendale blamed the Biden administration for its failed energy policies.

“Because this administration closed the Keystone XL pipeline, they stopped leasing for about 20 months on our public lands so oil and gas leases could not be obtained,” he said. “They stopped allowing new wells to be drilled. Our domestic production has gone down by about 2 million barrels a day.”

Rosendale considered the rest of the summer before the midterm elections in November.

“Oh, I think you’re going to see them (the Democrats in Congress) trying to pass additional abortion legislation,” he said. “I think you’re going to see them trying to push through extra spending as if inflation isn’t sufficiently under control yet. I think they will still try to pass additional expenses. And I think they’re probably going to come back and make another run at federalizing elections so they can try to control our election results because that’s the only way they’re going to be able to try and keep any kind of to be able to.

Rosendale is running for re-election to represent the Eastern District of Montana in the United States House of Representatives.

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