Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans could be NFL’s best bets after Week 5


The list of top NFL Super Bowl 2023 contenders continues to take unexpected turns as the weeks go by. Week 5 was no different after seeing the Green Bay Packers lose to the New York Giants in London. We break down the latest Super Bowl 2023 odds in the aftermath of Week 5.

Super Bowl 2023 odds

We’re here to make sure you get the best payouts for all of your NFL betting choices. Each franchise has a different record, but as you can see below, they don’t all offer the same betting odds.

For example, a $100 bet on the team with the best Super Bowl odds – the Kansas City Chiefs at +500 – would return a profit of $500 if they manage to win Super Bowl LVII. Let’s take a look at the latest Super Bowl 2023 odds and break down the teams with the best value odds.

Super Bowl 2023 odds rise in week 5

Minnesota Vikings (+2200)

At 4-1, the Minnesota Vikings quietly moved into a position of NFC North favorite and potential first-round playoff bye. Very little about the Vikings is too impressive, but the wins keep piling up. Can a team that has so far been average break through as a Super Bowl contender?

First-year head coach Kevin O’Connell did well in beating the teams he should, with his only loss to a hot Philadelphia Eagles side. Beating Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago by a combined 16 points is not something to write off. As many teams who have disappointed so far this season will tell you, a narrow victory is always better than any form of defeat.

Minnesota’s lack of a strong identity is a concern that needs to be addressed after the Week 7 bye week passes.

The offense is 12th in points scored and 10th in total yards, but isn’t too effective in any area. They’ve produced the eighth-most passing yards, but took the sixth-most attempts, and their net yards per attempt are just 6.2 (14th in the league). The running game ranks 21st in attempts, yards, and yards per carry.

The Vikings defense was actually worse across the board despite being 14th in points allowed. And that’s against a set of relatively bad teams over the past three weeks. With teams like Buffalo and Dallas looming in the latter half of their schedule, they will either be exposed or will have to step in.

Either way, the Vikings apparently have an as-yet-unlocked advantage thanks to the presence of Dalvin Cook and a set of young defenders who can take their game to the next level as they develop. throughout the season. Minnesota is a bold long shot to take to win the Super Bowl, but they could emerge in a wide-open NFC.

Los Angeles Chargers (+1800)

The Los Angeles Chargers somehow got a win over a Cleveland Browns team that can’t stand on their own. The Chargers stayed in the game thanks to incredible performances from Austin Ekeler and Mike Williams. Had they not interfered, the Browns would have easily won this game. Yet they still had the chance to win twice.

Ekeler eventually had a massive breakout with 173 rushing yards and 26 receiving yards on just 20 touches. Williams dominated despite formidable coverage from the Browns’ small cornerback tandem of Greg Newsome and Denzel Ward. He finished with 10 receptions for 134 yards on 13 targets.

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While Cleveland made its own multitude of mistakes to allow LA to win, it was the type of game the Chargers continued to fail at for the better part of two decades. This Chargers team is very talented, if flawed, and their ability to win those flips they would normally fail in can pay off in the playoffs.

I always like to take the Chargers as a second-tier bet on the Super Bowl. Justin Herbert isn’t playing like he’s injured and the offense continues to roll. The defense is more questionable, but the raw talent is in place when Joey Bosa is healthy.

Tennessee Titans (+6000)

You might have blinked and missed it, but the Tennessee Titans are back atop the AFC South with a 3-2 record. The division appears to be settling after a tumultuous first month. We can’t say for sure that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts are completely dead, but the Titans are back to winning with their tried and true stereotypical approach.

With three straight wins before their bye week and a few winnable games right after, the Titans are a dangerous foe even if they don’t have an impressive profile. Their passing offense is a back four offense and the pass defense is even worse. And yet, Tennessee has a relentless running game and excellent running defense.

There’s enough on Tennessee’s roster for playoff contenders to worry about a bad stylistic game that doesn’t work out in their favor. If Ryan Tannehill can continue to be effective (making 65% of passes for 7.7 yards per attempt) and Derrick Henry maintains his 100-yard streak, the Titans will be a real pain to face in January.

Only the best defense in the NFL will have confidence against Tennessee.

Super Bowl 2023 odds drop in week 5

Los Angeles Rams (+2500)

While it’s too early to stop the Rams from contender status, time is certainly running out. Now 2-3 after being beaten by Dallas, the Rams were vastly outscored by three playoff-caliber opponents. The offense was overwhelmed by lack of talent from the trenches and inconsistent play from Matthew Stafford.

Nothing in the attack works except giving the ball to Cooper Kupp. Stafford was under duress thanks to the 19th-best passing block success rate, and he responded with short throws (6.9 yards per attempt) and seven league-leading interceptions. But the big plays disappeared as Sean McVay couldn’t find the ability to plan around the line issues and ineffective running play.

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The decision to trade Robert Woods and Odell Beckham Jr. for Allen Robinson II was clearly a mistake. That’s not the only issue, but the offense is functionally different with a worse line and receiver that doesn’t offer the same through-run impact and blocking. Stafford suddenly seems out of his depth without the pace that normally accompanies the comfortable confines of a McVay offense.

The Rams defense mostly did its part by giving the offense a chance to win. They are closer to average in almost every notable metric than offense. As long as Aaron Donald continues to be otherworldly, unity will be hard to score.

Arizona Cardinals (+6000)

Although I was shocked to see the Cardinals only five-point underdogs this week, the Cardinals deserve some credit for covering the line like true champions do. But at 2-3 and losing as they did — missing a field goal that would have tied the game with 22 seconds left — Arizona is set to be kicked out of Super Bowl contention.

The missed field goal was particularly painful to watch as Fox showed video of substitute kicker Matt Ammendola missing drive attempts to the right again and again throughout the previous week. This moment was a microcosm of their season, with a set of disjointed performances where roster talent flashes but cannot tie their moments of good play together. With tough NFC battles against Seattle, New Orleans and Minnesota to come, Arizona’s fate will soon be determined.

I sell that DeAndre Hopkins will suddenly be the answer for this team. Kyler Murray hasn’t played well and has very little around him to help elevate his consistency and explosiveness. The Cardinals’ 20-17 loss to the Eagles was an opportunity to seize the opportunity, but instead they continued to miss opportunities and fail to unlock Murray’s special play.

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