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BLAINE, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota grocery delivery driver accused of crushing bags of food she dropped off in a Twin Cities suburb because she disliked the owners’ pro-police yard sign was cited for criminal property damage, authorities said.

The incident happened on December 6 after the elderly couple ordered $ 50 worth of groceries from Cub Foods to be delivered by Instacart to their home in Blaine. Police said the couple had gone out to meet the driver, who first told them to check the wreath hanging on their front door and then walked back and forth to shop for groceries.

The driver allegedly scribbled a note on the receipt complaining about payment for the delivery service and called the police “racist pigs”. Investigators said the sign supporting law enforcement was in the front yard of the house.

Blaine Police identified the driver as a 36-year-old female from nearby Coon Rapids.

The couple received a full refund from Instacart, who said they fired the delivery driver.

Police said they had received inquiries as to whether the case could be charged with hate crime, but because the crime was allegedly committed as a result of the couple’s support of the police, it is not admissible.

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