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BUFFALO, Minnesota (AP) – A Minnesota man accused of entering a medical clinic and opening fire, killing one staff member and injuring four others, has been charged with a more serious charge of murder premeditated and remained in custody after a court appearance on Monday.

A grand jury has charged Gregory Ulrich, 68, with one count of premeditated first degree murder in the February 9 shooting at the Allina Health Clinic in Buffalo, a small town about 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis . He also faces four counts of attempted first degree murder in the attack.

He is also accused of setting off several homemade bombs at the clinic before finally surrendering to law enforcement, and was accused of unloading an explosive device.

Lindsay Overbay, a 37-year-old medical assistant, was killed in the shooting.

Ulrich appeared in Wright County district court Monday and remains in custody. The bond was set at $ 5 million with conditions, or $ 10 million without conditions. His attorney, Gregory Davis, has not commented on the improved charge.

In Minnesota, the count of premeditated first degree murder must be charged by a grand jury; Ulrich will face a mandatory life sentence if convicted. Prosecutor Brian Lutes said he summoned the grand jury after a judge ruled in August that Ulrich was qualified to stand trial.

Court records allege Ulrich has mental health and substance abuse issues, and has frequently reported unfounded thefts or petty feuds involving his neighbors and others. Police said Ulrich was no stranger to them and he was known to have been angry with his medical treatment.

Ulrich’s next hearing is set for October 18.

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