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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) – Colleges and high schools in South Burlington, Vt. Were closed for part of Thursday afternoon after the school administration learned some students were threatened by other students claiming to be armed, said the superintendent.

“We want to start by letting all of you know that all students and school building staff are safe at this time,” Superintendent David Young said in a letter to parents, WCAX-TV reported.

Young’s letter stated that the administration of FH Tuttle Middle School had been made aware of the threat. This school and South Burlington High School were immediately closed and the police were contacted.

The station reported that local and state police were at the scene earlier with shotguns. Some wore helmets and ballistic vests. Police began removing this equipment around 2:30 p.m.

The lockdown was then lifted and students were asked to stay in their classrooms, Young said.

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Police and administrators are investigating.

Police Chief Shawn Burke said in a press release that there is currently no threat to public or school safety. Burke said all of those involved in the incident are minors.

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