Letter to the Editor: Afghan Refugees Should Not Be in Montana | Letters to the Editor


I am responding to the Montana Free Press article by Mara Silvers where she states that 75 Afghan refugees will be resettled in Missoula over the next few weeks. I am mystified that Governor Gianforte and Senator Daines welcome these unchecked refugees after Biden’s chaotic retreat from Afghanistan where he abandoned hundreds of American citizens.

Gianforte says that “Montana welcomes our fully controlled Afghan allies who have worked alongside us.” How does he know that these people he welcomes have worked alongside us and who in the Biden administration has controlled them? Are these the same bureaucrats who are handling our “southern border crisis”? How do you check the background of someone who is undocumented? These people just got on a plane during the chaos at the airport and came here. We don’t know anything about them and Representative Matt Rosendale had the good sense to question the ability of the Biden administration to sufficiently control the refugees who will be resettled in the United States.

Remember when the Clinton administration settled around 84,000 Somali refugees after the “Black Hawk Down” episode in the 1990s? Minnesota got 40% of it and how has it worked for them? In Dave Gibson’s “Refugee Racket” article, he said that they loaded the welfare records, crime has gone up, and now they have this idiot Ilhan Omar in Congress who hates Israel. I agree with Rosendale’s argument that these refugees should be resettled in areas around Afghanistan that share their values ​​and culture.

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