Kim Mulkey pushes LSU into top 10, Tennessee closes, Arizona drops – The Athletic


Watch Kim Mulkey get another team in the top 10. Whodda thought so? (I did. But I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.)

Other than LSU’s appearance in the top 10, major moves elsewhere were scarce as we continue into the era of postponements (and a week that featured less upheaval).

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Withdrawal: Texas A&M (21), Iowa (24)

Almost Famous: South Florida, Florida Gulf Coast, Nebraska

Notes on votes

• LSU leaps into the top 10 after a narrow loss to South Carolina (the only team with a better loss to South Carolina this season is Stanford, which is in 4th place in my poll this week). It’s really impressive what Mulkey did in Baton Rouge. The Tigers’ on-field goal percentage is six percentage points higher, and they are averaging about 10 more rebounds, four more assists and three fewer turnovers per game. The way Khayla Pointer developed under Mulkey is remarkable. As a junior and senior she has shown she can score, but in her fifth year Pointer’s shooting percentage is on the rise and she has career records in rebounds, assists, turnovers and fouls ( since she has on average more than 20 minutes per game).

• Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky. I just don’t know what to do about you.


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