How you can help fire victims in Denton, MT


A big fundraiser to help the victims of the Denton, MT fire is coming soon to Lewistown. I caught up with Brock Linker, one of the firefighters battling the blaze that ended up destroying several homes and the town’s historic grain elevators after a blaze in early December.

Coming up on January 21 and 22, there are a few big events taking place in Lewistown. This Friday evening they will have live music, a silent auction and social activities. Then on Saturday they will have live action starting at 11 a.m. You can find full details, contact details and more on the Denton Fire Relief website:

Linker says the biggest needs right now are auction items and cash to help families rebuild themselves and meet other needs.

Looks like they already have an impressive list of donated items – you can get your hands on some Montana beef, or even some farm and ranch gear. The one that really looked cool to me was the helicopter coyote hunt which you can buy at auction.

The deadline for donating items is January 16.

For those who may not remember, the Denton fire destroyed several homes.

It was as if the world was collapsing around us. It was pretty intense.

This is how Fergus County Fire Director Ryan Peterson described the shooting in Denton, MT, as crews worked to fight the blaze both in town and outside of the city, as the ashes fell from the sky.

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