Five Michigan Wolverines signatories for Vols to Target


Williamstown’s Keon Sabb runs for a win against St. Augustine on Friday night. The visiting Hermits beat the Braves 17-16. October 30, 2020.
Williamstown vs. St Augustine Football

All signs point to the Michigan Wolverines losing Jim Harbaugh to the NFL after one college football playoff appearance in seven years. Chris Balas of reported on Tuesday that the deal was done and he was interviewing the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday. It means a lot to a lot of people and programs, and Tennessee football can benefit from that.

Even if Harbaugh returns, the evidence is clear at this point that he’s not committed to Michigan’s future. Michigan has a top-10 recruiting class for 2022 that includes 23 hires, and it’s interviewing for a new job on national signing day.

Although 22 of Michigan’s commitments have already been signed, it’s likely that this drama will send many of those players elsewhere. Josh Heupel had to deal with Class of 2021 members asking for their Letters of Intent once Jeremy Pruitt was fired. It’s time for Rocky Top to return the favor. Those are five signers Tennessee football is expected to fly to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for 2022.

5. Keon Sabb

defensive back; Bradenton, Florida.

Initially, Keon Sabb signed to the Clemson Tigers, but he opted out after Brent Venables left for the Oklahoma Sooners, and he immediately joined Michigan as the program reached its peak under Jim Harbaugh. With this news, he could fully reopen his recruitment at this point, and the Vols could have a chance to strike.

Standing between 6’1″ and 6’2″ while weighing between 190 and 210 pounds, Sabb hails from New Jersey, about an hour south of where the most recent engagement is from. UT, and he is currently at IMG Academy in Central Florida, where Heupel bonded as head coach of the UCF Knights.

Given this, Tennessee football should heavily target four stars at all levels. Sabb is listed as a safety, and the Vols will at least lose Trevon Flowers after this year and could lose Jaylen McCollough. As a result, Sabb would be a great pick-up for them, and many random schools, like UT, are in a great position to cash in.


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