FBI Investigates Vermont State Soldiers For Creating Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards


FBI is investigating three Vermont state soldiers for allegedly creating fake COVID-19 vaccination cardsstate police said on Tuesday. All three officers have resigned.

Details of the creation of the vaccination card were not disclosed as the investigation is ongoing, but state police said other soldiers reported the card making to supervisors. Two of the agents, Shawn Sommers and Raymond Witkowski, resigned on August 10. The third, David Pfindel, did not resign until September 3, after the Department of Public Safety completed its investigation. Men are accused of having “variable roles” in the creation of the maps.

Police officials informed the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Burlington of the situation.

Vermont State Police Director Col. Matthew Birmingham said in a statement that the charges involved “an extraordinary level of misconduct – a criminal violation of the law.”

“I couldn’t be more upset and disappointed,” he said. “If these allegations turn out to be true, it is reprehensible for state soldiers to manipulate vaccination cards in the midst of a pandemic, when getting vaccinated is one of the most important measures one can take. take to protect their community from COVID-19. “

Birmingham said he was “embarrassed” by the situation and that it had tarnished the reputation of the department.

“The alleged criminal conduct of these soldiers does not represent the values ​​and actions of the dedicated men and women of Vermont State Police,” Birmingham said.

Michael Schirling, Vermont’s public safety commissioner, said officials “don’t believe state police could have done anything else to prevent this from happening.”

“As soon as other soldiers became aware of this situation, they raised the allegations internally, and the commanders took swift and decisive action to hold these individuals accountable and report this matter to federal authorities,” Schirling said.

A recent report found that the Delta variant is causing a massive increase in the sale of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. Falling prices and increasing fake ads are also making documents more accessible globally, CBS News tech reporter Dan Patterson reported.


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