Ethan Tapper named Regional Forester of the Year


Ethan Tapper receives his award from Patty Thielen of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources at an annual meeting in Duluth, MN.

The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation County Foresters help private landowners — who own about 80 percent of Vermont’s forest land — manage their land responsibly. One of the Department’s thirteen county foresters, Chittenden County Forester Ethan Tapper, was awarded the Forester of the Year Award in Cooperative Forest Management of the Northeast-Midwest State Foresters Alliance.

This highly competitive regional award is given annually to a forester from one of 20 states from Maine to Minnesota and West Virginia to Missouri for outstanding work in advancing forest stewardship on private lands.

Vermont County Foresters have served the people of Vermont since the 1940s and oversee the enrollment of nearly two million acres of forest land in the Use Value (“Current Use”) assessment program. of State.

Additionally, each year they advise thousands of landowners on how to care for their forests, help municipalities manage tens of thousands of acres of community forests, and provide education and awareness to thousands of Vermonters. .

Ethan Tapper has been a Chittenden County Forester since 2016 and is recognized for his expansive and innovative public outreach. Serving in the state’s most populous county, he leads dozens of public events each year, reaching thousands of people in Chittenden County and beyond.

Keith Thompson, who oversees the work of county foresters, says, “Ethan is the hallmark of how to inspire Vermonters to understand the value of Vermont’s forests and how they can care for their woods. Its success is rooted in storytelling, getting Vermonters out into the woods, working with a diversity of partners, and using digital tools to expand its reach.

During the height of the pandemic lockdown, Ethan shifted from in-person presentations to online presentations, creating nearly 100 educational videos about forests and forest management. You may also recognize his signature in his monthly “Into the Woods” column in 11 Chittenden County community newspapers or his quarterly “Forest Insights” column in Northern Woodlands magazine.

Ethan grew up in Saxtons River, Vermont, and studied forestry at the University of Vermont.

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