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WARREN – Newton Falls Town Manager Pam Priddy said Friday that to move the Scott Street sewer project forward, she plans to present a proposal to village council that would provide a rate low enough for residents to Newton Township residents are willing to connect.

Officials from the village, township and county of Trumbull met at the commissioners office to find a way to get the long-delayed sewer project built.

Commissioner Frank Fuda, who organized the meeting, said what has stalled the project are the monthly costs that households would have to pay. Currently, households in unmetered townships must pay $34.31 per person per 1,000 gallons. Under the Village’s new rate plan, that amount will increase to $45.31 per person in a household in 2025.

At that price, most of the township’s 103 potential new customers wouldn’t sign up to tap into a proposed sewer line in the area because it would cost too much, Fuda said.

Under a proposal that Priddy, Village Finance Manager Sean Housley and Village Wastewater Manager Mike Novotny have discussed, but not yet presented to the Village Council, the Village could set new outside rates for out-of-village customers and without counter.

“The council has not yet presented this information,” said Pridy. “These will be on the agenda for the mid-May council meeting. It will be at the council. »

According to the draft proposal, the new rates for one to two person households would be $50.40 per 3,000 gallons per month. For households of three or more, the rate would be 0.80 per 6,000 gallons sent through the sewer system.

Until 2025, with annual increases, the rate for households of one to two people will increase to $63.60 and the rate for households of three or more people will be $127.20.

Novotny said that at these prices the village will be able to operate the sanitary sewer plant and continue to pay off its debts.

If the Village Council approves the proposed outdoor rate structure, the Village, working with the County, will seek approval for a $2.4 million loan for this project from the Environmental Protection Agency. from Ohio.

Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer Gary Newbrough said he would need to get a permit from the Ohio EPA to install the new sewer lines. The total project cost is estimated at $3.4 million. It was approved for $875,000 by the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments.

“The rest will be obtained through the EPA loan”, said Newbrough.

Fuda suggested the county would be willing to do whatever it can to facilitate the project moving forward, but said the village must be prepared to work with township officials to bring its costs to levels that customers would be willing to pay.

“Otherwise, it will be more advantageous for them to upgrade their septic systems,” he said.

Fuda said planning for the project started about 15 years ago.

“We will find the best way to fund this project to make it affordable for residents of Newton Township,” said Fouda.

Second Ward Councilor John Baryak said the village was willing to work with township residents wanting to connect to a new sewer line, but not by increasing the cost to current village residents.

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