Student loan: how and where to get it

Funds for university students without payroll: here’s how to apply for a loan! The duration of university studies, especially for some degree courses that need long specializations, tends to last over time. Furthermore, to increase their qualifications and the possibility of finding new jobs, the masters are becoming more and more popular. All this requires disbursements that it is not […]

Company loan for doctors and other freelancers

Browsing the offers of various banks, you can find credit products for people working in free professions. Most often they are ordinary loans and credits granted, however, on special terms attractive to the client. We took a look at several random banks offering offers for Entrepreneurs to check what makes these products stand out. has more details Freelancers Mostly, […]

Loan refused: what to do?

It may happen that a loan application is rejected by a bank or a finance company. We must understand that these are things that happen and that there is no need to fall. The important thing to do is to understand the reasons for the refusal because the solution is probably at hand. If our request has been refused, we […]

Online Loans – Let us do the loans

Italy, as we know, is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. From these times, investing is really the last of the thoughts of entrepreneurs, but also that of private individuals: the total assessment of one’s own performance which, in most cases, really turns out to be outside one’s real expectations, is not a thing very simple to […]