Buffalo, Tennessee and Dallas see week 8 public support

  • The Buffalo Bills hold 95 percent of the spread against the Miami Dolphins.
  • The Tennessee Titans see 83% of bets on the spread, but the line has moved significantly in the direction of the Indianapolis Colts.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have gone from favorites to underdogs despite 90% of bets counting and managing against the Minnesota Vikings.

MIAMIPublic betting information has been posted on which teams the public supports and where the sharp money signs are to be found. Week 8 has a few interesting places to note.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami dolphins

The Bison Tickets get a ton of public betting action on the spread against the Miami dolphins. Legal sports betting sites see 95% of the money and 89% of the bets on Buffalo.

Tickets against dolphins spread the odds

  • Bison banknotes -14.0 -110
  • Miami Dolphins +14.0 -110

The Bills beat the Dolphins earlier this season very convincing with a final mark of 35-0 and while Tua Tagovailoa is back, it might not make much of a difference. However, if there was a moment for fade the public, that’s probably it.

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts

Those who bet on the NFL see a reverse line movement in the direction of the Indianapolis Colts above Titans of Tennessee.

The betting line is moving towards the Colts although the Titans are the public’s favorite bet.

Titans vs Colts Spread Odds

The Titans were favored by 2.0 points a few days ago and despite the reception 83% of bets and 74% of the money on the spread, have now become 2.5 point outsiders.

Reverse line movement is always a suspicious thing to try to decipher, but it should be noted at the bare minimum.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings

Like the NFL only undefeated ATS team, it is not surprising to find the Dallas Cowboys as one of the public’s favorite choices. However, it is shocking that the line is moving in the Minnesota Vikings‘ direction.

Cowboys vs Vikings Spread Odds

  • Dallas Cowboys +3.0 -115
  • Minnesota Vikings -3.0 -105

Dallas were favored by 2.5 points as late as Wednesday and despite seeing 91% of bets and 89% of the money on the spread, online sports betting lost their edge in online betting.

This line movement may be in response to the growing notion that Dak prescott could miss Sunday night’s game. His game status should be the priority for those who are interested in betting on this game.

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