Brewers 2022 MLB Draft Prospect Profile: Tennessee OF Drew Gilbert


To help you prepare for the 2022 MLB Draft, here at Reviewing the Brew, we’re profiling draft prospects who might be a good fit for Milwaukee Brewers. Today we are going to focus on Tennessee DE Drew Gilbert.

We’ve already taken a look at some potential college outfielders the Brewers could consider signing in Jordan Beck, Sterlin Thompson and Chase DeLauter because, well, that’s the type of player Milwaukee has been targeting over the last two first rounds. Yet another the crew might consider this year is Drew Gilbert from the University of Tennessee.

Would the Brewers be wise to consider selecting Tennessee OF Drew Gilbert in the first round of the 2022 MLB Draft?

While the last two drafts have seen the Brewers select highly ranked players who dropped in the first round in 2020 Garrett Mitchell and Sal Frelick in 2021, that wouldn’t be the case here. MLB Pipeline has Gilbert ranked as their 32nd-best draft prospect, a few slots below where Milwaukee picks at No. 27.

Gilbert played his high school ball across the border in Stillwater, Minnesota, which is just outside of the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. Three years ago, he was pulled out of high school by his hometown Twins, but opted to attend the University of Tennessee instead of signing.

The Minnesota native began his college career as a two-way player, both coming out of the bullpen and playing in the outfield. However, he didn’t make much of his freshman year either, appearing in just four games as a pitcher (8 IP, 5 ER) and 15 as an outfielder (51 AP, .350/.490/ .500).

Gilbert saw a lot more playing time as a sophomore, mostly on the offensive side as he pitched in just seven games but played outfield in 68. As he began to focus primarily on the outfielder, his slant line went down but was still decent at .274/.341/.437 and he also started to show some pop with 10 home runs and 62 RBIs.

Gilbert’s 2022 junior season saw real breakthrough, offensively, and more throwing. In 58 games, he cut a whopping .362/.455/.673 with 21 doubles, 11 home runs and 70 RBIs. He also had more walks (33) than strikeouts (32). He ended his career hitting four home runs in the last College World Series.

Left-hander Gilbert fits the mold of outfielders the Brewers have drafted in recent seasons. He’s more of a hit than power guy as MLB Pipeline ranks him at 55 and 45 respectively in those areas. He also has above average speed at a rank of 55 and strong defense with a rank 60 arm and a rank 55 defense.

Depending on how the first round plays out, there could be a slew of varsity outfielders available when the Brewers pick at 27, including some of those we outlined earlier. But if Milwaukee goes the outfield route and feels Gilbert is the type of player they’re looking for, they could certainly do a lot worse.

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Draft day is just days away. Stay tuned as we continue to profile possible Brewers rookies until the official pick is made.


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