5 to 10: Weekend winners (Tennessee title) and losers (conference tournaments) and let’s dance, gang


Weekend winners

Tennessee. Yes, there are a lot of layers to the Vols’ first SEC tournament title since 1979. There’s the peak of the visor for a team that has the mix of perimeter play and wave-sized to make a Final Four run. . There’s a clear chemistry between the team members who really like each other and play together. There’s the relentless defense that makes a UT game feel like equal parts ballet and rock fight. There’s the photo over there of Rick Barnes smiling after Sunday’s win. (Who knew he had teeth?) And there were the social media jokes about John Fulkerson, who may have been a redshirt freshman on that 1979 team.

A basic college hoops. Virginia Tech did the Lord’s work rebounding Coach K in the ACC Finals, if you ask me.

Everyone (except a big one we’ll get to) with even a tangential connection to the Tampa Bay Bucs. The news of Tom Brady’s return has Bucs players giddy, the front office ecstatic (how many of these free agents will take less than market value to be a Super Bowl contender now), the coaching staff needs to cartwheel, and season ticket holders giving high-5s to beggars. And how about the folks over the weekend who placed bets on the Bucs to win the NFC 35-to-1 and win the Super Bowl 20-1 before those odds plummeted.

Agent for Kirk Cousins. Wow, Kirk Cousins ​​has been in the NFL since 2012 and signed a rookie deal on that first contract. It was four years for $2.57 million. Then there was a franchise tag in 2016 for one year at $19.953 million. Another franchise tag in 2017 earned him $23.943 million. He signed with Minnesota for three years and $84 million. He joined the Vikings in 2020 for two years and $66 million. He’s now agreed to a one-year, $35 million extension for the 2023 season. Gang, that’s just over a decade of mediocre football and a total of $231 million in salary. Gang, in their career, Brady earned $292.9 million playing football and Rodgers earned $263.6 million playing football. And Kirk Cousins ​​made $231 million.

Losers of the weekend

The guy who paid $518,000 over the weekend for NFL football that was supposed to be the last TD pass in Tom Brady’s record-breaking career. Well, that ball is almost guaranteed to be just one of Tom’s over 500 NFL TD throws to a teammate. The estimated value if/when Tom launches his next TD? About $300.

Aaron Rodgers. Dude, do you think Rodgers has a Tom Brady voodoo doll? Yes, Rodgers has better overall QB skills than Brady. Heck, Rodgers has better QB skills than almost anyone I can think of in human history. Thus, the two legs of Rodgers’ offseason ended with a return to the Packers, with a new contract and a place among the favorites to win it all. This new deal would be around $50 million – and Brady’s salary is $25 million and the cap hit is around $20 million. And for all his great skills – throwing it, heading it, competing with his face – you can argue that Brady’s willingness to take less in a hard-ceilinged sport may be the biggest piece of his championship resume of them all. the temperature.

New York City Immunization Rules. Hey, I want people to be safe and vaccinated. I said it from the start, and my family is completely vaxxed. But how can Kyrie Irving attend the Barclay Center and sit front row without a mask for Duke’s Saturday night loss, but can’t go to work Sunday as the Nets point guard?

The Lakers. I think they have everything but stopped. Side question: Even in his last run with the Wizards, there’s no way to imagine that MJ would ever be a part of something as pointless and effortless as these Lakers, is there? LeBron’s losers allowed 48 points – in the first quarter. And man, since David Duvall or Albert Pujols, no one has gone from being one of the best in his sport to downright broke like Russell Westbrook.

The players. A truly formidable tournament that has the biggest purse in the sport and a field in the top three year after year has been brought to its knees in breeches – and forced to have a long end to Monday – by relentless rain and cold . Saturday’s conditions on 17 Green Island – a gusty victory that reached heights of over 50 mph – bruised and beat the best on the planet. How difficult was Saturday? He was playing for around 138 yards and Justin Thomas hit an overhand 6-iron – a club he comfortably hits over 200 yards.

let’s dance

The NCAA Tournament is glorious.

But the NCAA tournament has rendered Power Five conference tournaments almost meaningless. Ask Tennessee, who deserved no worse than a 2 and had a solid case for a 1, as TFP sportscaster and home run hitter Mark Wiedmer tells us here.

And save head-to-head contests like UT vs. Villanova, who beat the Vols by 18 on Nov. 20 for screaming out loud, because UT also beat Arizona and Kentucky was a 2 after going in Kansas and whipping the snot out of the Jayhawks. The one-on-one song and dance makes no sense, especially if you’re going to be referencing a pre-Thanksgiving UT-Villanova game.

It’s clear that last week doesn’t matter to the committee — Texas A&M isn’t in the draw; Will Tech like an 11? — which makes conference tournaments worthless for the big boys, unless you’re a team like Tennessee that hasn’t won a conference tournament title since before Dale Ellis was on campus. (And Fulky was a freshman.)

Also, as Weeds noted, it’s high time to move all conference title games to Saturday.

Heck, I’ll go further. Move the Power Five Conferences and Conference Tournaments for leagues that receive multiple offers to the time period when the SoCon and these Conference Tournaments are taking place.

Ask the single bid leagues to complete their single bid tournaments on Saturday or Sunday of selection and plug and pop, because I think UTC got screwed with a 13 as well.

But those complaints will fall on deaf ears now, because it’s all about brackets. And remember, we’re going to have a new parenthesis contest that we’ll post later today or tomorrow. And of course, we’ll have our traditional “first 1 out and last double digit dance contest” this week.

Good time.

this and that

– On Friday, a grand jury elected not to indict DeShaun Watson. The current, soon-to-be former Houston Texans quarterback isn’t out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, but Friday’s news means Watson — who was top 5 or -6 QB before his legal troubles – will not face criminal charges from the 22 separate sexual assault allegations. The civil lawsuits are still pending and there could/probably will be penalties from the NFL.

– William Hurt passed away this weekend. He has a pretty strong Rushmore with “Big Chill”, “Broadcast News”, his role in the Avengers stuff, and, what, “Accidental Tourist” maybe?

— So MLB is back and Freddie is still not a Braves player. Alex, I speak as a Southern son, and there are old ladies and good old lads all over the area who will never forgive you if Freddie is second for the Yankees or carries number 5 for the Dodgers.

– So now LSU is firing Will Wade for cause? PUH-lease. I don’t know if the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations will allow the Red Stick boys to get out of the tax statute of limitations to be fired for cause for his role — and it was a significant role — in the sting. from the FBI. You also have to wonder if LSU can prove the case given a lot of other coaches – guys who have had more success where they’ve broken the rules than Wade – the cause has been around since Bill Self, Bruce Pearl and the others were not fired. And while we’re here, let’s not pretend that everyone was doing it. ‘Cause if you think Cal or Coach K is clean, well, I’ve got a beachfront on Signal for you.

Today’s questions

Winners and losers of the weekend. Goes.

The multiple-choice Monday will look like this:

Which NCAA Tournament SEC team are you highest heading into the tournament?




– Other.

As for today, well, let’s review.

Steph Curry is 33 today. Simone Biles is 24 years old. Moreover, Albert Einstein would have been 143 years old. He was in kindergarten with John Fulkerson, if I remember correctly.

And Spy.

It is also Pi Day. That’s right, 3/14.

Pie Rushmore, and get creative.


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