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Types of Loans For Individuals With Any Type of Financial Hardship Payday Now offers a variety of loans and lines of credit options to suit individuals with any type of financial hardship. These lenders operate a lot like traditional banks, but they don’t take your money in return. As you might guess, a payday loan or line of credit is a […]

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Italy, as we know, is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. From these times, investing is really the last of the thoughts of entrepreneurs, but also that of private individuals: the total assessment of one’s own performance which, in most cases, really turns out to be outside one’s real expectations, is not a thing very simple to […]

Financing a pet store: getting a professional loan | Professional loan broker, corporate financing.

The animal-grain factory benefits from a favorable context. More than 50% of households are domestic animals. The demand is therefore very strong for both the pet shop and for food and related products. Thus, despite the tense economic situation affecting household spending, this sector remains very buoyant. The sector has two very different sub-sectors in terms of both activities and […]

How to defend yourself from debt collection – 3 things you need to know

How to defend yourself: what debt collection companies can and cannot do Failure to pay a utility bill, a loan installment, will almost certainly lead to credit recovery actions. This activity is referred to companies or specialized agencies that implement a series of actions aimed at: stop the payment prescription (10 years for loans and 5 years for utilities); get […]