Italy, as we know, is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. From these times, investing is really the last of the thoughts of entrepreneurs, but also that of private individuals: the total assessment of one’s own performance which, in most cases, really turns out to be outside one’s real expectations, is not a thing very simple to manage.

The investment, without a doubt (as well as the loan) are not always within the reach of anyone, but the loan between people is a truly innovative and successful choice that is slowly spreading its knowledge also in Italy, all this thanks to the new online community of peer-to-peer loans, that of Astro bank.

Astro bank is a reality placed on the lender’s side

Astro bank is a reality placed on the lender

Astro bank is nothing but a virtual place where it is possible to lend, invest and even request real money, all with just a few clicks and with the incessant and allowed opportunity to keep all your finances under control. Everyone can become a lender, even having a small sum of money (from $ 500 to $ 25000).

Here are all the advantages for the lender

Here are all the advantages for the lender

After the well-known advantages offered to the applicant, even those who only have the desire to pay money and invest in order to make quick and easy, can do so through the Astro bank platform. The great offer of this community is to be able to make money available online and learn their destination to perfection. In this way, to make an entirely conscious investment.

In fact, the lender has the opportunity to:

  • Spreading his investment on different ideas and not on a single project, this will allow him to reduce the risk coming from the main financial action, the option of personal allocation of money, is called Cherry Picking;
  • Capitalizing on projects close to one’s own idea of ​​life is the greatest satisfaction that can be there. With this method, our project is fully funded;
  • Constantly interacting with Applicants admitted to the platform, thanks to the active blog for each project still being funded;
  • It is also possible to make an advantageous investment, thanks to the equilibrium rate of 7.5%.

How to become a lender:


You only need a few clicks to invest money and get immediately:

  • All you have to do is sign up for the Astro bank site;
  • Download and complete the membership contract and send it to Astro bank, all, of course, by regular mail;
  • The lender will then receive a PIN created to access his / her personal area of ​​the site;
  • once you have the opportunity to enter your operating area, you can fill out the investment intention by determining how much to invest, and the codes for making the transfer will be communicated;
  • Later you can choose which projects to invest your money in (up to 40%) that are described on the site itself;
  • every month all installments reimbursed by the Applicants will be credited, including the principal and interest. The liquidity repaid may be gradually disinvested or reinvested, an option that maximizes the return on the investment.

The nature of the aforementioned loans

The nature of the aforementioned loans

The peculiarity of the idea of Astro bank lies in its social part: the lender, in fact, has the opportunity to invest and lend his money, to all those who request them. This in order to finance one’s own personal projects whose main purpose is the improvement of one’s life, a consumption / expenditure to be sustained.

When we go to invest our capital, the most important thing, without a shadow of a doubt, is the certainty of getting a return. Nowadays the crisis makes sure that every possibility of growth is cut short in the bud. The most important thing, even to say it, is to have a successful idea.